(b. 1979)

is a pianist, keyboardist and composer living in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is mainly working with improvisation and the possibilities of combining it with composed music and or other artforms such as film and dance. He has worked and played with musicians such as John Tchicai, Kresten Osgood, Lotte Anker, Marc Lohr, Nastio Mosquito, Sofia Jernberg, Ned Ferm, Hermann Müntzing, Rumpistol, Liudas Mockunas, Stefan Pasborg and Ane Trolle as well as groups such as Travelling Tribes, New Kids, The Firebirds, Kresten Osgood Trio, NEWCLEAR, BUSK and Superhands and has been a member of the Houseband at Copenhagen Jazzhouse. He has furthermore arranged festivals focusing on improvisation. He is a member of the esteemed danish label and artist-collaboration ILK.

As a bandleader he has released albums with his own electro-acoustic nonet/decet, The White Nothing/The Black Nothing , which combines freely improvised music and modern classical music, the free-form group Tahina, an album with Berlin-based drummer Marc Lohr and saxophoneplayer Jeppe Højgaard and the spacious piano-trio BUSK. Futhermore he has released two albums with the globalpsychedlia band Travelling Tribes. He has toured and played all over Europe.

He has composed music for several films, and has also appeared as a sideman on several albums. He is currently active in bands and collaborations such as The Black Nothing, NEWCLEAR, TEETH, New Kids, The Firebirds and Kresten Osgood Trio.

Said of Anders Filipsen and his music:

“Filipsen impresses as a pianist, and with the solotrack “Nancar he gets the music going with a dedication that will be fascinating to follow.”
(Bergenpuls, June, 2011).

“…the classical modern pianist starts the piece of in a virtuous fashion”
(Ragazzi, june, 2011)

“…Filipsen unfolds his convincing pianistic talent ”
(Jazzspecial, August, 2011).

“Anders Filipsen easily moves between genres of modern impromusic, avantgarde and jazz. He guides the nonet beautifully between listenable silence and noisy beauty. An impressively high and demanding level for a debutalbum.”
(Jazznyt, July, 2011)

Travelling Tribes

The White Nothing

LoFi feat. Højgaard


Die Aktif