The Firebirds consists of the three Danish improvisational musicians Stefan Pasborg, Anders Filipsen and Anders Banke, who in The Firebirds work in a musical universe where the inspirations are many and a.o. include blues, rock, avant-garde jazz and improv. The three musicians have been a part of numerous projects and toured all over the world with groups and musicians such as Ibrahim Electric, New Jungle Orchestra, Travelling Tribes, Tomasz Stanko, Marc Ducret and John Tchicai.

Since their debut 2 years ago the trio has toured over much of Europe, which has had an enormous impact on their sound. It has therefore been extremely important in the process of creating the album, that it encapsulates the wildness, which is a big part of the sound at their live concerts – an experience described this summer by Danish magazine Gaffa:

”Armed with drums, saxophone and keyboards Stefan Pasborg and his compadres zooms in on the work of Stravinsky and Carl Nielsen and gives them an entirely new sound and justification…Can a jazz trio really play classical pieces? For the three gentlemen in The Firebirds no challenge seems great enough.”