The award winning Danish pianist and composer Anders Filipsen has created the experimental and genre-breaking work ’Paths’ for his 10- piece band – The Black Nothing. With his electro-acoustic tentet the pianist/keyboardist and composer Anders Filipsen mixes musical inspirations ranging from modern classical music, free improv, west- african music, serial music and noise, forming new paths.

True to form, Filipsen has created an undulating filmic piece, that insists on telling stories. This time the piece ’Paths’ focuses on the autobiographic portrait, and the ways in which the different musical inspirations have shaped him throughout his life into being the musician he is at moment.

”I have always been very attracted to different kinds of music. Instead of trying to limit and constrain these impressions, I wanted to embrace the differences and express them through the images and stories of this musical piece. The diversity of musical inspiration has made me the musician and composer I am today!”

On his journey Filipsen has gathered some of the strongest Danish and international improvisers living in Denmark. With his mixture of acoustic and electronic sounds, the music creates an openness devoid of specific labels of genres. In that way this album is an extension of his award- nominated album ’About Time’, with the band The White Nothing:

“Anders Filipsen moves freely and without constraint between genres, where modern improv, avantgarde and jazz is at stake. He guides the nonet beautifully between listenable silence and noisy beauty. An impressively high and demanding level ….” (Jazznyt on The White Nothing)

Anders Filipsen is a member of the esteemed Danish artist collaboration and record company ILK and has been nominated and received Danish Music Awards within both Jazz and World with his own releases. He has previously released records with groups such as: The White Nothing, Travelling Tribes, LoFi, BUSK and Firebirds.