Travelling Tribes is a Copenhagen situated band that despite only a year of existence already has experienced a lot of awareness around their music.

In October 2010 Travelling Tribes played their first concert and has since then been developing their unique sound through studio recordings and a number of live concerts. The band was especially selected to perform at the Globenhagen showcase, arranged by the Danish Music Society (DMF), as a part of the WOMEX festival 2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and has been in European Radio WDR by Funkhaus Europe. In november 2012 the band released their debutalbum “Everything Seems to Change” which was very well received by the danish press and brought the band to Roskilde Festival.

On november 24th 2014 the band released their second album, Artificial Moonlights.

Travelling Tribes unites lo-fi tribal cries with transistor drums, the power of instincts and grand reverb with the alternative music scene. Through bubbling creativity they gather inspiration from all around the world to make their own music. Unison singing, Chinese cello melodies, African drums, whistling choral parts, atmospheric keyboards and noise guitar mix together in a journey around the globe.

Travelling Tribes is:

Lil Lacy (Vocal, Cello)

Emil Jensen (Vocal, Guitar, Trumpet)

Anders Filipsen (Keys, Vocal)

Victor Dybbroe (Percussion, Vocal).

Said of Travelling Tribes

5 of 6 stars – Gaffa

“But what the really good news is that this is an extremely good album. Intoxicating and just right. I bow in admiration.”


“The songs kan be bended by african drums, fall apart in raging noise, be cut up by exotic cello og be blown blue by jazzy brass. An each an everyone of them has idea, note and shape surrounding the enourmous widths of music, that they so fantasticaly embraces.”

5 out of 5 stars – Bands of Tomorrow

“Travelling Tribes is a unique constellation, that spellbinds their audience…The songs are unpredictable and exciting, it is a big, smoldering meltingpot where everything can happen. A eminent ensemble with all kind of instruments is supplemented with unison songlines that challenges the audience. Travelling tribes creates moods, soundscapes, that you don’t see many places…There’s nothing to critisize, nothing get’s trivial, and therefor Travelling Tribes receives 5 stars for this unforgettable night”