The trio TEETH unites 3 highly interresting Scandinavian musicians within the electrroacoustic genre. Filipsen has been active on the danish jazz & improvscene for almost a decade, both as a composer and improviser releasing albums on the acclaimed label ILK. Malmö-based Müntzing is one of the most of the most original artists on the swedish electronic scene, treating both electronic and acoustic devices as well has his homemade “Flexichord” instrument. Berre, based in Copenhagen, is an highly active improviser in a wide array of projects, both working with acoustic sounds and electronically treated sounds and has released 28 albums on the label Barefoot Records. Together, this trio creates otherworldly soundscapes beyond genres and imagiation. From a wheezing herd of birds to schizophrenic patterns and doomsday beats. Each members personal expression contributes to the totality, creating a synergetic wall of sounds.

Anders Filipsen (DK) – keyboards, knobs
Herman Müntzing (SE) – electronics, amplified objects, voice
Håkon Berre (NO) – drums, objects, electronics