Busk has been chosen album of the month by German site Nordische-musik.de and has been chosen for this Augusts edition of Europe Jazz Media Chart. The album has been described as:

6 of 6 stars: “One can only hope that Busk get the attention in the foreseeable future they deserve” (nordische-musik.de – German site).

” this Danish band are different…It’s jazz that understands the boundaries but chooses to color around the lines for an approach that is exciting to listen to. Nur Eins is very much European jazz in the most simplest form, but what Busk do throughout this album is far from simple. Or perhaps it’s so simple, one wishes that there was more jazz like this to be exposed to. A wonderful recording.” (thisisbooksmusic.com – American Site)

” A great peace comes from this music. One thinks there to hear Undiagnosed veterans who have found peace with himself. Nice that young musicians are capable of such services. A real promise for the future, the musicians of the band.” (freistil.klingt.org – Austrian site)