BUSK is a young transcendent trio at the danish jazz-scene, consisting of the three young improvisateurs Anders Filipsen, Thomas Rehling og Lasse Ehn. The three musicians have played since they met at the conservatory in Copenhagen, and in the fall of 2010 they created BUSK.

BUSK’s music is characterized by subtle frameworks, which motivates the imaginative and sensual music they create. It is the goal of the three musicians to create frames that helps helps the communication in the present and the music is therefor often shaped by freely improvised pieces. Busk’s music is rich in quietness, contemplation and and presence, and the three musicians’ playing is often airy and fragile, with a few detours into more violent and sharp dynamic passages.

The music is not typical of the classic jazz trio, but is an expression of where the trio is moving to, when pulling on inspirations as modern classical music and the avant-garde jazz. The trio is releasing their debutalbum in spring 2013 and will at the same time tour DK and Sweden.

The three musicians have in other contexts played with musicians such John Tchicai, Lindha Kallerdahl, Lotte Anker, Kresten Osgood, Marius Neset and many others.

BUSK is:
Anders Filipsen (Klaver)
Thomas Rehling (Bas)
Lasse Ehn (Tromme