The album is out (and the vinyl has arrived) and it’s been well received so far. Here are a few excerpts from the reviews of the album and Travelling Tribes’ release-concert:

5 out of 6 stars – Gaffa

Wonderful journey from a borderland

Quietly insisting they have hidden a secret, that is now expressed with this amazing album…But the great news is that this is an incredible album. Intoxicating and just right. I bow down in admiration.

5 out of 5 stars – Bands of Tomorrow

“Travelling Tribes is a unique constellation, that spellbinds their audience…The songs are unpredictable and exciting, it is a big, smoldering meltingpot where everything can happen. A eminent ensemble with all kind of instruments is supplemented with unison songlines that challenges the audience. Travelling tribes creates moods, soundscapes, that you don’t see many places…There’s nothing to critisize, nothing get’s trivial, and therefor Travelling Tribes receives 5 stars for this unforgettable night”

4 1/2 star – Undertoner

“Travelling Tribes combines traditional world-music with modern indie/alternative sound and in this way the band creates a space, where ugly borders and borring boxes are forgotton and replaced with a focus on the music… An upward thumb  for an exciting and sympathetic danish world-release, that distances itself from the exoticism clichés and succeeds in using the entire musical sound-palette.”