consists of 9 handpicked musicians working out of Copenhagen being active on the classical, rock as well as the avant-garde jazz scene.  The band members play with people such as John Tchicai, Herb Robertson and Linda Kallerdahl and in bands such as Slaraffenland, Little Red Suitcase, Travelling Tribes and Girls and Airports. In June 2011 the band released their debut-album: “About Time”, which was extremely well received by critics nationally and internationally, and was nominated for a danish music awards as ‘best jazz composer’.

The band plays the music of composer and pianist Anders Filipsen, which is a mix between freely improvised music and composed music mixing modern classical sound with the avantgarde jazz and ambient sounds.

Anders Filipsen     (Piano and composition)
Elena Setien           (Vocal)
Emil Jensen           (Trumpet)
Morten Jessen       (Trombone)
Jeppe Højgaard     (Alto sax and clarinet)
Lars Greve             (Tenor sax, Baritone sax and clarinet)
Aino Juutilainen   (Cello)
Jesper Thorn         (Bass)
Bjørn Heebøl         (Drums)

Said of the album ‘About Time:

6 of 6 stars: “A piece of art” (

“Anders Filipsen moves freely between genres, where modern impromusic, avantgarde and jazz is in play. He guides the nonet beautifully between listenable silence and noisy beauty. An impressively high and demanding level for a debutalbum.” (Jazznyt, July, 2011)

 “…Filipsen unfolds his convincing pianistic talent.” (Jazzspecial Norway , August, 2011)

“The Danish pianist and composer Anders Filipsen has, with his nonet “The White Nothing” created a fascinating combination of contemporary music, jazz and improvisations…Filipsen impresses as a pianist…with a devotion that will be exciting to follow.” (Bergens Tidende, July, 2011).

“A mixture from different musical startingpoints which creates vital and foresighted music.” (Orkesterjournalen, 2011).