Anders Filipsen has over the last couple of years worked on a diverse range of film.. As well as composing and mixing the music he has worked in creating soundscapes for films such as documentaries, artfilms and short fiction movies.

He has worked with directors such as Sine Skibsholt, Natasche Thiara Rydvald, Martin Kogi, Lærke Vindahl and others.

He is inspired by the combination of electronic music with acoustic music, and the universe he creates is often a lyrical universe with a touch of darkness. The films have been shown all over the world in places such as USA, Switzerland, Mexico, China, United Kingdom and France.


Over Skyerne (2009). Short Fiction Movie. Director: Benjamin Hoffman-Petersen. With: Peter Ganzler and Mikkel Bjerrum. The Copenhagen Film and Photoschool.

Ved Havet (2011). Documentary. Director: Sine Skibsholt. Documentary for The Danish Film School. Nominated as best Documentary at the Ekko Shortlist Awards 2015.

Little People (2012). Short Fiction Movie (Silent Movie). Director: Alice Hjort. With: Carsten Svenningsen and Alaya Riefenstahl . Winner of Best Experimental at The Indie Fest, California USA.

She-He, Part 1 Infatuation (2013): Short Movie. Director: Natascha Thiara Rydvald. With: Ellen Hillingsøe and Alexandre Bourdet.

Albert moves to USA (2015). Documentary for Danish National TV (DR1). Director: Lærke Vindahl and Sine Skibsholt. Shown at the Kids Filmfestival Buster 2015.

Når vi står så tæt stjæler du jo luften (2015). Artfilm. Director: Natascha Thiara Rydvald. With Ellen Hillingsø og Hildigunn Eyðfinsdóttir.

She-He, Part 2 Jealousy (2018): Short-movie. Director: Natascha Thiara Rydvald. With: Danica Curcic and Alban Lendorf.