Superhands is a Copenhagen/Berlin based collective of 3 musicians and 2 dancers from three different countries, which create unique performances through improvisation. They blend the styles and ideas of their different backgrounds and experiences into a new genre-crossing universe.

Superhands universe is characterized by the performers’ artistic backgrounds in electronic music, physical theater, free jazz, ballet, classical music, mime, indie rock, gaga and other styles of contemporary music and dance. These experiences are brought together and the result is a limit – and genre transcending experience and a unique interaction between dance and music.

Since 2009 Superhands has performed in different locations including parliament buildings, theaters, museums, music venues, parks, industry halls, dance venues and concerthalls in Denmark, Sweden and Holland.

Superhands is:

Anders Filipsen – piano and juno

Emil Jensen – trumpet and things

Linda Reinered – dance

Markus Pesonen – guitar and lapsteel

Stina Nilsson – dance