The debut album of LoFi is a tribute to opposites and contradictions. For their debut the duo has teamed up with friend and musical colleague, saxophonist Jeppe Højgaard, to create music that in many ways is to be seen as a holistic piece, which between the longer parts offers small improvisations to clean and inspire the ears. It is the result of many years of experimenting with music that incompasses contradictions in the shapes of:

Composition and improvisation, , Short and Long, Fragile and Violent, Noise and Lyricism.

Said about the duo and their debutalbum:

“If you sit down with this album, and hear from the start to the end, you will experience ups and downs, that a shrink can tell you a lot about. It is an extremely interesting album, from three musicians that I (and several along with me) should check out…[they] serve freejazz of extremely high quality”. (Jazznytt Norway, june 2012).

The three musicians has created a brave album…these songs works extremely well.” (Jazznyt Denmark, November, 2011)

“…a very fine album that only gets better every time you hear it again.” (Geiger, November, 2011).

“This trio is extremely experimental and the music is overall edgy, unsightly and wild. (Århus Stiftstidende, November, 2011).